The Internet of Things Has Ruined Me

The Internet of things has ruined me. It creates an unnecessary and unfounded paranoia.
Why do I find the need to Google my first two lines, when 15 years ago, it would not even be a thought? Is it the fear of writing something similar and then being accused of stealing? I am not asking the reader per say. I pose the question for my own analysis and to record the events that led up to this very moment.
Whether I want to believe it or not, there is an immeasurable amount of information swimming around my subconscious; and it’s because of this, that I must fight the urge to use the Internet as a resource to check my thoughts. They are my thoughts and I extracted them out of my head. TRY AND PROVE IT ANY OTHER WAY!
Well, there are always doubters and haters. Is there a correlation with doubters and doers that failed to realize their goals. The comments are out there. I have read them.
“I thought of that idea first.”
“That’s not original.”
What if the sole, unknown purpose of a critic is self-realization in that they were not as successful as they would liked to have been. So they nit pick and offer no constructive criticism to their victims. They form opinions and then vomit them on a page or a blog. Critics get compensated for their opinions, secretly fueled by hatred, sometimes unbeknownst to them. Why couldn’t this be true?


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